Consultation and Inpatient Treatments


Counseling: Education, Individual and Group sessions, Counseling employs cognitive and behavioral strategies to strengthen coping skills, improve family support systems and guidance for life style management dealing with stress and anger issues. Focus at ABC is on short term therapies, mostly limiting to 3-5 sessions.

 Neuromodulation Treatments: ECT,rTMS,TDCS

 Biofeedback Relaxation

Consultation and Counselling Services

  FirstTime (In-Person)

Video Consultation

Video Consultations – As per the advice of the consultant and as per the guidelines provided on the website

For Consultation please contact -01414156721

For Counseling and Video Consultations please contact ABC Secretary at -8977000179,7337455566

 Requirements for Video Consultations

A patient can request the consultant doctor for video consultation only if they fulfil the following criteria:

1. Patient along with his close relative have to make the FIRST CONSULTATION (can be extended to 2-3 in person consultations, which may be a necessity in certain situations) WITH THE CONSULTANT PSYCHIATRIST IN PERSON at Asha Hospital. It is mandatory. FIRST CONSULTATION WILL NEVER BE A VIDEO CONSULTATION

2. Only after a detailed evaluation, decision of video consultation will be taken up depending on various clinical and social criteria.

3. Existing patients and their relatives can avail the facility of video consultation after discussing with their consultant psychiatrist.

4. Those who apply for video consultation should possess appropriate devices through which the consultation can take place

5. The patient and the relative have to be available for the video consultation; the interview will be taken for both of them separately, and also combined if required.

6. NO VIDEO RECORDING during the video consultation is allowed.

7. Continuation of Video Consultations will be completely at the discretion of the doctor. Based on the assessment of clinical condition, doctor can insist on In Person Consultation and evaluation at any time, in the best interest of the patient. In Person consultation is advisable once in every 6 months.

 Procedure and guidelines for Video Consultation

1. Those patients who are requesting for a video consultation have to register in our website “” to get a login ID and password

2. Payment of fees have to be made on the website for consultation. The appointment has to be fixed at the Asha Bipolar Clinic reception desk.

3. You need to log on to the website of Asha Bipolar clinic-“” at the allotted time of your consultation, You will receive an invitation from the doctor to start the video session.

4. Video consultation will be of Two categories: 1.  Review for 10 minutes 2. Consultation for 30 minutes. Kindly observe the time in the interest of your fellow patients. Kindly be precise and to the point while consulting the doctor to utilise the best of your time.

5. Please be online for the video consultation at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time

6. Utmost priority is given to provide consultations on time, but we cannot promise the initiation of the video consultation exactly at the scheduled appointment, considering various unavoidable factors in the clinical practice. We try our best to be on time

7. Patient and his/her relatives are requested to perform the video consultation in a well lit spacious room, so that the patient can be clearly visible to the doctor on the screen. Kindly respect the solemnity and the medical decorum of the video consultation during the video session.

8. Kindly WhatsApp your latest prescription to this no 7337455566 prior to video consultation.

Video Consultations at ABC

Dr. M.S Reddy – Wednesdays – 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm & Fridays 3.30 pm to 5 pm

10 minutes consultation – INR 950.

30 minutes consultation – INR 3000.

Dr. Starlin Vijay M- Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - 4:30pm to 6pm

10 minutes consultation – INR 800.

For any further queries kindly contact Asha Bipolar Clinic-8977000179, 7337455566